Nuée Net Curtain-Voilage

The Nuée collection by Verilin is an attempt to achieve effects from nature using linen. For this design, the visual artist Liv Mathilde Méchin and the textile designer Côme Touvay drew inspiration from the chiaroscuro effects in the sky that appear with the arrival of each new season.

Honored with the Design X50 and Henry Van De Velde label.


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Colors (The specified colors may differ from reality)

Ardoise 13


Yuzu 510

Still Grey 130

Pearl 222

Nero 53

Lila 17

Light 33

Kadim 14

Ice 4

Fresco 990

Feuillage 44

Endivia 35

Capuchine 51

Angie 55

Angelico 330

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