Our story started in 1956 when Etienne Vercruysse founded Verilin in the south of West-Flanders, where the flax industry was booming at that time. His daughter Laurianne took over the company in the eighties of the last century and today his granddaughters Ilse and Anne-Sophie continue the company’s tradition to aim for the very best quality.

By combining 60 years of experience, craftsmanship and by constantly innovating and looking for new creative challenges, Verilin, still located in Kortrijk, has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury linen solutions.

On top of that, Verilin recently positioned itself as a supplier of high-level customised products and curtains: every linen dream can now become reality, thanks to the hightech machinepark and the professional craftsmanship in our workshop. Also unique is that the entire production process, from weaving to the finished product, still takes place in-house under our own management.


Verilin is your partner to create your personal Linen Story.

“Our team gives you a complete and personal interior service, from taking the measurments, searching for the best colours and textures, to the weaving, finishing and final installation of your linen.

At Verilin we believe a stunning project is the result of an intense collaboration. Working with architects, interior architects and artist, we help to create the best linen solutions for bed, table and interior. We give you ‘Carte-blanche’ and guide you through our endless possibilities.”

Only the best materials find their way to our Jacquard looms. We focus on materials of natural origin, produced in their traditional habitat. Above all we search for solutions with new yarn qualities for example with fire retardant characteristics. We continuously invest in new possibilities to improve our products. With new techniques we are able to innovate, offer choises and endless options for the most remarkable designs. Embroidery and the finest finishing also contribute to the right tone to your custom-made product.

We welcome you at Verilin to create your custom Linen Story.