Chef’s Table by Verilin – Diner de l’artiste door Matthieu Beudaert van Table d’Amis

First look behind the scenes: Diner de l’artiste by Matthieu Beudaert from Table d’Amis


During the candlelight diner ‘diner de l’artiste’ in the wonderful atelier of artist Kris Martin, a selection of talented artists let their inspiration run wild on our white linen table cloth…

It became a table cloth where we will challenge the highest bidder to give the table linen further layering…


Chef’s Table by Verilin, an unique and artistic collaboration between Verilin and

Peter Goossens – Hof van Cleve ***

Seppe Nobels – Instroom

Matthieu Beudaert – Table D’amis

Joke Michiel & Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson – Souvenir *

Leerlingen gastronomie & drankenkennis van Hotelschool Ter Duinen x Wim Opbrouck 

Starting from a white linen canvas and in a creative way, the Chefs tell their interpretation of the hospitality experience in CONNECTION with art, nature, entrepreneurship, work-life balance and so much more…

Foto’s door  Alexander D’Hiet

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