Henry van de Velde Awards 2017

Verilin has been awarded the Henry van de Velde Company Award 2017. In making its decision, the international panel of judges acknowledged our authentic products for their twist of craftmanship and strong innovative drive. The judges were also won over by Verilin’s significant investment in ground-breaking, innovative reasearch. The new looms have opened up fresh possibilites for the made-to-order products, giving Verilin a unique position on the market. With their made-to-order stories, they receive regular orders from Michelin starred chefs, artist and designers. These creative collaborations often generate even more new ideas for innovation.

For the Henry van de Velde 2017 exhibition space at Bozar, Verilin created wonderful white voilages combined with the more intensive Royal quality, designed to fit in with the setting and play with shadow and light.

Pictures by Fille Roelants

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